Help Us Make History Come to Life!

Photo of Ellwood Depot

The Goleta Depot was built in 1901, rescued from neglect and moved to its current location as the result of a huge grassroots effort in the late 1970’s.  Today, the Goleta Depot is the gem of the South Coast Railroad Museum’s collection.  Sites with historic value like this are rare in the U.S., and so are opportunities for children to experience history, versus just reading about it.  The Museum’s goal is to keep history alive and create educational opportunities for children and families to experience the adventure of railroading.


The Goleta Depot’s Freight Room is currently an unused space which, if renovated, could be used to host free lectures, classes, school field trips, volunteer trainings, workshops and affordable spring and summer camps for children. Our goal in renovating the Freight Room is to preserve the original architecture, materials and style of the Freight Room while creating a usable community education space.  Imagine sending your child to camp for a week with model trains,  a mechanic’s workshop, birdwatching, a miniature train ride, and lectures and documentaries about local history!  With your support, the Freight Room will become our new Community Education Room.
You have a huge opportunity to help turn the Goleta Depot into a place where history comes alive, and where the Goleta Depot can continue to play a significant role in local history.  Help our story continue!

Visit our online fundraiser on to donate!  Or donate using the ‘Make a Donation’ button on our webpages.  Your contribution makes a huge difference to us!