Depot Day! November 6, 2021, 3:00-6:00 pm

Join us as we kick off our 40th anniversary, celebrating the Goleta Depot’s move from Kellogg field to its current location on Los Carneros Road.

The Goleta Depot has become a treasured jewel of Goleta history and we want to honor its special place in our community’s heart by throwing a party!

This fun event will have food, wine, beer, live music, and MORE included in one $40 ticket price! Help us reach our goal of raising $40,000 in our 40th year to help with educational and physical improvements of the Goleta Depot.

Tickets available on Eventbrite!

Note: This event is for guests 21 years and older.

“In the earliest hours of a cold winter morning, a slumbering behemoth awoke. From its tranquil resting place on Kellogg’s field, the gigantic form began to stir. The mammoth moved slowly, with street lights casting its massive shadow across wide expanses, toward one of community’s main transportation arteries. It was not alone. While the gaint slept, a curious crowd gathered. When it began to move, the waiting assembly responded. As TV cameras rolled, all attention became riveted on the sight. Uncertain, people hurried from its path. Workmen who had been busying themselves adjusting utility wires stopped to watch the lumbering hulk pass. A woman screamed as the thing weaved, barely missing the street light suspended from it’s metal pole. Within four hours it was over. The colossus had reached its destination and, anti-climatically, fell to rest once more.”

Goleta Depot, 2021

Goleta Depot, The History of a Rural Railroad Station
Gary B. Coombs